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Blanke's revolutionary ‘Emergence’ EP bubbles to the surface of Monstercat

Blanke’s new EP is complete with features from Au5, Grant, Rival, AUDIA and more talented artists.

At last, ‘Emergence’ has finally arrived.

Blanke’s long-awaited EP has made its way onto Monstercat airwaves. The six-track EP has been long overdue since November with ‘Crashing Hard’.

Throughout the course of time since ‘Crashing Hard’, Blanke has rightfully handed us over additional melodic bangers of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Heavy Heart.' After previews on previews released on Blanke’s Instagram, the anticipation has drawn to a close with a blend of genres such as bass house, dubstep and more.

‘Emergence’ is here to tell a story, portraying Blanke’s own emotions along with trials and tribulations he has overcome. Facing every emotion on-hand, this EP signifies beauty in chaos and transformation.

‘Heaven’ comes in as a resilient introduction of ‘Emergence’, being one we already know and love, previously covered HERE. Silence is then broken with ‘Alphane’, a hard-hitter dubstep smash. Guitar riffs, metal shrieks and fire drops are packed in this extreme dub. Flaming from all around, ‘Alphane’ brings in all the heat.

‘Data’ has been breached with this next one with AUDIA, mixing it up with a sizzling bass house banger. The artists go in with an industrial house drop, followed by an instantaneous dubstep switch up arising midway through the track throwing punches left and right.

Causing utter ‘Turmoil,’ firearms are discharged and all power comes in full force. Kick drums are pulsating non-stop paired with an adventurous melody and deafening organ chords. With the help from Au5, ‘Turmoil’ was a mission that was accomplished.

Blanke ends the EP light-heartedly with ‘Heavy Heart’ and ‘Crashing Hard’. After going through hardships and a rollercoaster of emotions, hope has been restored.

Behind ‘Emergence’, this EP demonstrates the nature of rebirth and growth, representing life at its core and what it’s meant to be. Blanke painted an evolving story of his musical journey and emotions, diversifying the EP overall.

“The ‘Emergence’ EP is a diverse representation of my musical journey over the past year," Blanke said. "There have been a lot of ups and downs, personally and creatively, and this EP shows a breakthrough of my own personality, passion, creativity and skill that I hope will resonate with whoever listens to it. Every story has an intricacy that we can't see.”

Blanke has been thriving on his headlining tour EARTH TO THE STARS: EMERGENCE, with the upcoming tour stop being at NOVA in San Diego on March 29th and The Midway in San Francisco on March 30th with support from acts such as an early set from himself as ÆON:MODE, Fairlane, EDDIE and others.

Blanke is also making appearances in Miami for music week, playing with Ophelia at Ultra Miami Music Festival along with playing a throwback mid-tempo dark set at the Can You See Me? Party.

Monstercat said they are honored to be a part of the 'Emergence' project with Blanke, as well as his other past work he has released with them. Blanke has brought inspiration to all, channeling vulnerability and optimism in order to spark change. Blanke hammered the nail with 'Emergence' and plans to keep up his efforts.

Stream 'Emergence' now on all platforms!


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