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BREAKING: Cyclops is committing sonic crimes with 'Tear Jerker' EP on Disciple

Intel tells us Cyclops is tearing through galaxies with this breakout EP on on of dubstep's main labels.

Combining a love for heavy music and weird sounds, Boston-native Keith Palmieri, better known as Cyclops, has found a real spot for himself in the modern era of dubstep, where he pairs strange electronic effects with crushing bass design.

The Tear Jerker EP, out now on Disciple, delivers the ultimate sonic punch in what is the most anticipated collection of music Cyclops has ever released.

The EP’s introduction track, Tongue Slash, is a planetary punch in the face, blowing modern day dubstep listeners away with intense buildups and ground-shaking drops.

In the two-slot is the EP’s title track, Tear Jerker. Tear Jerker has been one of the hottest songs in dubstep over the past few months. This song has no problem finding its way to the most exclusive sets in dubstep currently, and should carry that momentum into the new festival season as well.

In the sole collaboration on the EP, Cyclops teamed up with up-and-coming artist NRVE for their track titled Fiend.

Fiend is a true definition of a collaboration, featuring a high-energy style and electronic sounds courtesy of Cyclops, while maintaining a choppy, NRVE-style drop.

NRVE and I have been friends online for the past year or two and sending music back and forth through that time. Earlier this year, we finally got started working on a song together and it came together pretty quickly," said Cyclops.

Cyclops said that he took on the intro and build, while NRVE wrote most of the drop. They didn't even have a name for the collaboration until recently.

“What was kind of funny about this, was the song was finished pretty quickly, but then we couldn’t settle on a name for it for like most of this year so it was just called 'ID' up until like a few weeks ago lol," Cyclops said. "NRVE’s an amazing producer and I'm so hyped for what’s on the way for them.”

In his Q and A hosted by Disciple, Cyclops spoke about the unique ability touring gave him to perfect his sound.

“[My Favorite part of the EP] was being able to write these songs and then go play them out at shows and see what works and what doesn’t and make changes that way,” Cyclops said.

When asked about the inspiration for the Tear Jerker EP, Cyclops cited his love for the progression of the visual side of his project.

“The past year or two I’ve been putting together more and more the visual side of my project with things like the eye, hellish landscapes, limited technology and old architecture and so much musically I wanted to reflect those themes too," Cyclops said. "Not every song captures those elements one-for-one, but there’s definitely themes of medieval and Baroque-type stuff in this EP as well as just generally being evil sounding.”

The Tear Jerker EP is truly fit for the most noble Disciple headbangers of them all. The entire EP, from start to finish, is a true testament to everything Cyclops has learned and mastered from his years of hardwork and dedication to dubstep.


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