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Caster composes a symphony of darkness with 'Witching Hour' EP

Making his return to Ophelia, the mysterious producer blends genres like none other with no signal of slowing down.

With numerous pairs of eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

With inspiration being drawn for Ophelia Records boss Seven Lions' previous dark-sounding tunes, Caster's latest EP continues to build upon his brand of beautiful melodies that correlate with the darkest of feelings. These two aspects paired together create one powerful sound that is sure to garner vast amounts of attention and respect for years to come.

It wasn't until recently when fans were finally given a glimpse at the face behind the shroud which would leave fans in awe after every release. Once this reveal took place, it was only a matter of time before every barrier that bass music ever had standing would be shattered and immersed with the origins of other genres. The Witching Hour is a culmination of every form of inspiration and blend of work that has served as a stepping stone leading to this point in time.


Multi-genre DJ and producer Caster has continued to capture fans through his unique productions alongside a distinct visual identity. His horror-themed soundscapes and enticing artistry have landed him support from massive names such as Seven Lions, Excision, Liquid Stranger and many others.

The leading track 'Sacrificial' has fans off to the races from the very beginning. The tempo is kept at a heavy place by blending elements of both psytrance and dubstep with six very distinct drops that seem to come straight out of the latest psychedelic horror movie.

As if the kickoff track wasn't enough, the collab 'Syzygy' with Moon Rush elevates the pace by introducing hard dance with DnB and melodic bass. This fusion of genres keeps those always on the edge wondering what's to come next whether it be the bone-numbing bass or melodic kick but one thing is for sure: Caster is not f*cking around.

This whole piece could have been written and focused on the sole fact that this young producer has a twisted darkness-themed sound that has been sorely missed from those of us that crave something different. However when the final track from the EP boils down to the end and the melodies slowly fade away, we are left with one simple truth which is that genius will always find a way to persevere and exceed all expectations that come before it. Caster's sophomore album has done everything listed above and I sure as hell can't wait for the trinity of darkness to come in the future. Cheers to the future of this project and prayers to all those that will endure the darkness that will emanate from it...we'll be ready.

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