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Chassi drops highly anticipated and well-received 'The Fight'

After making the rounds on social media for the past year, Chassi gives the fans what they've wanted for so long.

With numerous pairs of eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

Further developing his sound after making leaps and bounds across the nation, the Los Angeles native Chassi has finally dropped 'The Fight'. This bass heavy track has constantly been instigating violence within mosh pits as it garners attention from some of the biggest name in bass music today.

From a supporting act to headlining his own out-of-state club shows in such a short period of time, Chassi is setting a high bar for the standard of what it should take to make a name for oneself in the music industry.


This self-released track is a prime showcase of how he takes his sound and push the boundaries to develop it even further, all while keeping the same identity as an artist. Following his latest collaboration with Mexican bass queen Jessica Audiffred and Blupill, the amount of energy set off by The Fight exceeds expectations not known to have even existed.

To even further prove how Chassi has influenced the bass community as a whole, mainstays and headliners have been rinsing this track nonstop over the past year from ATLiens for their set at Ubbi Dubbi and Riot Ten at his own headlining show.

Want to add some icing to this bass cake? What better way of lifting your spirits as a dubstep producer than to have the legend himself, Excision, snapping necks at the dubstep mecca Lost Lands? Peep the video below and get your neck brace ready...


Success is something that can both be earned through hard work and given as a privilege. Strength, perseverance and self-appreciation however are obtained through trial and at times, tribulation.

"When I almost gave up on myself, I had to find the strength to fight for my own life as a warrior would. With the aggressive 'I JUST DON'T GIVE A' vocal, it shows that I will no longer back down and need to stand up for myself and do what's right!"


After what can only be understood as a long and hard fought road into the spotlight, the attention for this young producer has definitely been well-earned. With shows and festivals back in full swing and the emphasis that Chassi puts into his art, one can only be ready for when he decides to load the mag and hit us with that next unreleased heater.

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