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CHOMPPA continues his artistic evolution with new single 'Sinister'

The Philly-based bass producer unleashes a 140 smasher via East Coast imprint Wavecraft Collective.

If there's one thing you need to know about CHOMPPA, it's that his production style can't possibly be boxed into any one particular genre.

This theme of musical versatility has only continued with today's release of his brand-new single titled Sinister, released by underground bass label Wavecraft Collective. The track is a heavy hitter with plenty of interesting sound design, creative drum processing, and engaging melodies.

Photo courtesy of CHOMPPA

According to CHOMPPA, Sinister was heavily inspired by Ternion Sound, the dubstep trio who have had a massive hand in popularizing and innovating the 140/sound system bass subgenre over the past few years.

"[Ternion Sound's] gritty sound design and level of subtlety are what draw me to that sound and help bridge the gap I'm trying to cross between the 140 stuff and my heavier past," CHOMPPA said.

This marriage of heavy and deep sounds is what makes Sinister such an interesting and addicting tune. The track's intro sets a dark and ominous tone with various sound effects sweeping throughout. The main bass then gradually makes its way to the forefront and swells into full throttle as the first drop hits.

Photo courtesy of CHOMPPA

The first drop begins with an instant jolt of brow-furrowing heaviness that is to be expected from a producer of CHOMPPA's caliber. About midway through this drop, the main basslines become slightly more subtle and take on the deeper, darker sound described above.

CHOMPPA also utilizes drum fills and vocal samples throughout the drop that breathe life and substance into the track. The breakbeats that can be heard in between the pulsing basslines are especially charming and catchy.

The track's second drop switches things up nicely with a rapid-fire bass pattern. This section introduces plenty of new ideas while also staying true to the dark and mysterious aura of the track.

Photo courtesy of CHOMPPA

All in all, Sinister represents a key inflection point in CHOMPPA's journey as an artist. While he has built much of his reputation through a heavier brand of dubstep, this tune solidifies his transition into the darker, grittier corners of the genre.

One thing's for certain: this one will be dealing damage at plenty of dubstep functions in the near future.

Stream Sinister now on all platforms.


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