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Decimate on Disciple: The long-standing riddim-meister's Round Table EP is here

Metallic sounds encompass this four-track project on the legendary imprint, Disciple Round Table.

Riddim pioneer and chopaholic Decimate has been dominating the scene for years now. Whether it's his recent performance at Forbidden Kingdom (with Savage Society) or his sharp streaming sounds, fans have cult behavior for his music.

Now, he just released a four-track EP on Disciple Round Table. The project is called Stunned and it features a collab with ARTIX! as well as a song called Chum Bucket.

Decimate's goal with this project was to create something fresh and unique that would stand out among the crowded dubstep scene.

"I spent countless hours tweaking and refining my sound design, trying to create metallic and wonky sounds that have never been heard before," Decimate said.

Energy and finesse can be found throughout the four songs on Stunned, alongside notes that tie them all into one cohesive project.

Stunned EP Tracklist

Decimate - Stunned

Decimate - Chum Bucket

Decimate - 8008135

Decimate & ARTIX! - Super Power

One of the standout tunes on this project is Super Power with ARTIX!. It's got catchy Spanish vocals, a creeping beat and a slamming trench drop.

"I also collaborated with my homie Artix to create our final tune on the EP," Decimate said. "With his help, we were able to smash out a reggaeton/riddim banger."

Another stand-out tune is called Chum Bucket, a nod to everyone's childhood favorite cartoon show. The song features a SpongeBob pre-drop vocal.

"I designed the tune to feel like the whole journey takes place in Bikini Bottom," he said. "You can hear the waters whisping by you the entire track ;)”

Decimate is one of the main touring acts on the label Savage Society, which was co-founded by Blankface and SVGMAZE. We caught up with the guys at Forbidden Kingdom this past June where they all threw down together on the Village Stage.

We also ran into them at the Church Nightclub this spring where Decimate, Blankface and SVGMAZE all played Badlands Thursdays.

What's next for Decimate? Hopefully another tour announcement so we can hear these EP songs live. Oh, and we might have a very special something cooking up with the Savage Society boys this fall...


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