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Desert Dynasty riddim festival announced for July 26-27 in Mesa, Arizona

Artists like Automhate, Subfiltronik, VKTM, DumDum, USayBFlow, VYLE, and Akeos. will be playing at Endgame over a long weekend at the end of July.

There's nothing like a chop fest.

And well, Arizona knows how to deliver exactly that.

Desert Dynasty was just announced for Friday, July 26 through Saturday, July 27 at our favorite underground Mesa venue: Endgame.

The event features headliners like Automhate, Subfiltronik, USayBFlow, VYLE and DumDum. It's a mini festival that quenches our thirst for the hot, spicy, desert bass we all crave.

The team over at Eleventh House Presents is hosting the event at the multi-room, video game-themed venue, Endgame. They've stacked support with artists from across the country into a Michelin-star riddim menu that has our mouths watering.

The full lineup includes some of the industry's hottest acts. Our agents will be on the lookout for Akeos, Bagha, Joust, Hexx, Mile32, Mongrel, Proxxxy, Rane and more.

Additional support includes Berrix, Bitchazz, Bonker, Crysomemore, D3VINITY, DEUCEZ, Gooby, Hexx, Hukae, ID, Joogornot, LEV3L, MOB, Oscar, Shashou, Sicari, Slyckz, Smilleyz, Swampz, Swando and Xaebor, among others (as if the lineup couldn't be more stacked).

The fact that Automhate's alias, VYLE, is playing just proves that this is the place to be. We also get a rare DumDum set, performed by Neonix.

Word on the street is that there just might be some pre parties and afters to pair with the mid-summer madness. Stay locked for announcements at the end of the month. Our agents will be f*cking around and finding out for themselves.


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