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Dr. Ozi releases brostep banger 'Home for Imaginary Friends'

The Toronto-based dubstep legend does it again with another slapper, 'Home for Imaginary Friends.'

The track takes you on a journey with a cinematic intro with just vocals and bass for the better part of the first minute of the track. It slowly starts building energy with the introduction of some snares and the buildup to chaos commences from there. The chaos ensued directly from the drop and into the track. The drop is one reminiscent of 2016 era-Zomboy. It's THAT good.

Dr. Ozi showed he could do multiple types of brostep, however, the second drop was a little more tearout influenced than the first. One thing certainly stood out about this track, that being the musicality of the whole track. Whether it is a perfectly crisp mix or the chord progression on the synths, this track just oozes class.

Dr. Ozi said that people were upset that the track did not debut on his EP this year. "I made this song a bit ago; people were really upset that it would not be part of the Hive Mind. It has the brostep flavor and is full of energy." Well, we sure are glad it dropped now! 'Home for Imaginary Friends' can be streamed across his social pages.


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