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Dreamscape Festival returns with 83 artists across 3 stages, May 19-21

After a hiatus of five years, Dreamscape Festival is returning to Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland for a weekend of bass.

Dreamscape Festival is being hosted by the Big Dub and Nightmare Festival team, and is taking place May 19–21, 2022.

With 83 artists playing on 3 stages at Camp Ramblewood, attendees are in for a treat. One of the three stages has a pool party where you can take a dip in the nice cold water after a day of getting down with the bass.

Dreamscape brings out a solid stack of lineup with drum 'n bass, house music, bass music, funk and more.

The main headliners for this event are Rusko and G Jones and features other artists such as Vampa and Ternion Sound. Festival support includes heavy hitters such as Craze, Minnesota, Macky Gee and others.

For all of those who have never attended to Dreamscape Festival, this event is hosted on historical grounds. The buildings on the site include a mansion that was part of an underground railroad. The mansion on this site was built in 1841, along with the camp that's currently located there.

Within this festival, there will be many activities happening throughout the weekend. If you would like to see all the activities for each of the following days, check out the Dreamscape website.

If you like playing video games, we recommend checking out the Hi-Score Stage which has a bunch of video games where you can play against others. There is also a possibility that you all will be able to play against the festival director Nicole Tossa and her team at the Smash Bros Tournament!

Dreamscape Festival presents the type of experience with immersive fantasy like decoration, actors, bass music with so many activities abducting us into another universe.

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