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DRINKURWATER's 'Spill' EP drenches listeners with an overflow of bass on Wakaan

DRINKURWATER comes out swinging with his official Wakaan debut release consisting of a soakingly brilliant three-track EP

Presenting a fresh taste of his production style, DRINKURWATER's new EP on WAKAAN is sure to wet your whistle. Consisting of three tracks [Spill, Ear Tickle, and Wet Wet] each one differs from the last while simultaneously quenching our thirst for his signature sound.

Garnering support from dubstep dons Excision and Liquid Stranger, DRINKURWATER has been quickly making his way up the ladder towards becoming a household name. With a recognizable production style that immediately allows listeners to recognize DRINKURWATER's sound, the 'Spill' EP is another step for the artist to carve his own lane in the scene.

When detained by Dubstep FBI, DRINKURWATER told us "I wanted to showcase my sound and brand as best as possible with the Spill EP. See it as me "spilling" my sound into the world/EDM scene and show a little diversity in the tracks!"

With 'Spill' being DRINKURWATER's debut on Wakaan, the future looks bright for the Atlanta-based artist. Always seeking to quench our thirst for the best dubstep around, DRINKURWATER continues to impress and ensures that he will remain under investigation by Dubstep FBI.



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