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ELLE RICH's debut EP 'SLICE OF LIFE' delves into the depths of emotion

An intimate journey through Agony, Maze, Solace, and Dismay

ELLE RICH has just unleashed her debut EP, 'SLICE OF LIFE,' and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. Packed with four tracks that hit harder than a bass drop at midnight, this EP is a rollercoaster ride through emotions, bass, and everything in between.

ELLE RICH wears her heart on her sleeve with this EP, opening up about the toughest moments of her life.

"During making this EP, I went through the hardest time of my life," she revealed. "I became depressed and lost so much, including my best friend. I really hit rock bottom."

But from that darkness emerged something beautiful—a collection of tracks that serve as a soundtrack to her journey through pain, loss, and ultimately, healing.

ELLE RICH's creative process is as unique as her sound. With a focus on translating raw emotion into music, she crafts tracks that resonate deeply with listeners. Every aspect of SLICE OF LIFE is a reflection of her personal journey. Drawing inspiration from her love of anime, particularly the slice-of-life genre, she sought to capture the essence of human experience within each track.

"I always start with how I'm feeling in that moment," she explained. "It's like channeling my emotions into melodies and beats. That authenticity is what makes the music truly connect."

ELLE RICH didn't just drop an EP—she brought one of her tracks to life with a killer music video. Teaming up with DATABASE Media and Cultuur Eindhoven, she's serving up a feast for your eyes and ears.

ELLE RICH's dedication to her craft has earned her spots on some of the sickest lineups around, including Blacklist at Bootshaus and Rampage Open Air. And with her latest music video drop, she's proving that she's not just a producer — she's a visionary.


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