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Enelek releases metal-and-bass influenced LP, 'Until You Gave Yourself Away'

This self release features nine genre-bending, solo tracks from the producer who is carving a new way.

What began as an EP turned into a 9-track solo LP.

William Boyd, also known as Enelek has finally released his album that is over a year in the making and it has everything you want and more.

Melodic dubstep, metal and of course, dubstep. Enelek brings his best work with this album, and it does not disappoint at all.

Enelek is an East Coast-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, as well as a DJ & bass music producer. He has been successfully combining eccentric dubstep, as well as hyper-focused trap, with cinematic production. He also sprinkles in some pop sensitivities.

Billy looks at the name of the album Until You Gave Yourself Away as an important phrase that he has latched on to. He interprets it as forgiveness and a little bit of patience as well.

Enelek said, “Sometimes you cannot grow until you give yourself away and accept things. I wanted to exhibit a lot of extreme emotions in some parts of the album.”

It has been the first record that he has been honest with himself. Which is something that you can definitely tell that he has shown in the album. With each song on this album, you can tell that he has put his all into it. This is what we love to see.

As far as inspirations for the album go. His top inspirations for not just the album. But all his music, has been prog rock and metal.

He described the album as a partly over-produced, cinematic dubstep paired with world-building soundscapes. Those soundscapes and the cinematic dubstep moments are definitely showcased in some of the songs on the album.

“I don’t want this to just be an album to hear a few times and pick out the bangers. I want it to be a front-to-back adventure.”

Billy has made huge strides in building unique soundscapes and larger-than-life drops that really brings the album together to really make it a unique front-to-back adventure that you will want to go back to again and again.

Be sure to check out the album in full and show Enelek some love.


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