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totalRAGE: VRG's second EP is here

The talented producer grows stronger as Sounds of Mayhem backs his newest set of four innovative songs.

VRG sounds of mayhem EP

Honestly, VRG is on fire.

Not only has he been on a show tear, but his music is scorching hot, too.

We are blown away by his latest project, featuring four songs that have left us in chills. No, seriously. The production on his totalRAGE EP is unbelievable.

It just dropped on PhaseOne's imprint, Sounds of Mayhem, and features three solo tunes paired with a NEOTEK collab.

VRG is flexing his sonic skills in new ways that carve a unique path in the polluted dubstep scene. These four songs offer a refreshing take on rage-inducing metalstep. They're tasteful and crisp; songs we can stream and enjoy live.

totalRAGE EP Tracklist





"The totalRAGE EP, aside from being the second EP in my catalog, is a collection of songs that are intended for one thing: to rage," VRG said.

This EP spans a flexible scope of subgenres within the dubstep realm, while mixing innovative and modern production elements into each song. The "rocktronic" vibe is starkly present, making it a great fit for Sounds of Mayhem.

VRG live

"This body of work shows the evolution in the VRG sound and what is to come for the future," VRG said.

VRG has been a day-one FBI alum. He was actually the third ever guest on the Filthy Beat Inspectors Podcast back in August of 2020. Since then, we've seen him drill deep into his brand identity and partner up with icons like SHAQ.

The pursuit of mayhem is clear here. VRG is on a tear, and PhaseOne sees that too.

Listen to the totalRAGE EP on all streaming platforms now.

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