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FBI PREMIERE: Unleash the explosive power of 'Energy' with BERNZIKIAL and ADAM ON EARTH

Prepare for an explosive fusion of heavy bass and raw vocals

Dubstep FBI is on high alert as we commence an official investigation into the explosive track, 'Energy' by BERNZIKIAL featuring the captivating and heavy vocals of ADAM ON EARTH. This exhilarating track merges the realms of rock and electronic music, harnessing a unique fusion of sound that demands immediate attention.

As the leading authority in bass music, we are granting our audience an exclusive early listen of Energy — one day before it hits all platforms. Prepare to be immersed in a world where the boundaries of genres are shattered, and the intensity of emotions reaches its zenith.

Our first encounter with this dynamic powerhouse occurred at the OUTRO show in Miami, where BERNZIKIAL's B3B performance alongside YOOKiE and Smoakland set the crowd ablaze. It was during this unforgettable moment that Energy roared to life, captivating the audience and leaving an indelible mark on all who witnessed its raw intensity.

Recognizing the potent impact of this track, we knew a deeper investigation was warranted.

BERNZIKIAL's description of Energy perfectly encapsulates his vision for the heavy section of his sets.

"Energy is the perfect track for how I want to represent my heavy section of my sets," said BERNZIKIAL. "'Letting go and putting all your energy into it.' Whether it's during a performance or hitting reps at the gym."

At Dubstep FBI, our mission is to identify and showcase the most wanted artists in the scene, and BERNZIKIAL is undoubtedly a prime suspect. With a signature sound characterized by class, quality, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, he stands as a testament to the rule of excellence in music production.

Be sure to catch BERNZIKIAL at some of our favorite upcoming festivals:

  • Sunset Music Festival

  • Bass Canyon

  • Lost Lands Music Festival



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