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FBI PREMIERE: This new Xotix song 'Money' makes the hoe$ go...

It's us. We're hoe$.

Photo by @justiceandrews

An investigation has commenced on producing duo Xotix and their upcoming EP titled Losing Control. We're here to give you an exclusive sneak peak at one of the tracks on the EP, which officially releases tomorrow (5/31/23).

Money is the fifth track on the 6 track EP. Xotix were in their bag with this one. It oozes with swag, and the bodacious bounciness of this song keeps your head bopping from beginning to end. It also has the type of lyrics that you scream right before the drop and will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. MONEY MAKE THESE HOE$ can finish the rest.

Losing Control is full of anticipated IDs from Xotix's 2023 ID showcase mix, which released in February. After dropping a few singles and remixes already, all of which are total bops, this is their first multi-track project of the year.

"Losing Control is about the different ways we distract ourselves through social media, substances and more," Xotix said. "It's also about how we find order, control and peace through music and life."

Losing Control is a top-notch display of the unique sounds and wonky vibes Xotix are known for. Don't miss it, pre-save Losing Control here and listen to Money on Soundcloud now!

Catch the boys at one of their upcoming gigs, including Toxic Summer, Astral Abyss preparty and Lost Lands. If you can't make any of those, don't worry; they have more to be announced!


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