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Break your neck with 'Feral,' Riot Ten's newest heater on Monstercat Uncaged

Following his Monstercat debut with an official remix for Öwnboss and Selva, Riot Ten unleashes bass in his newest track, Feral.

El Paso-based DJ and producer Riot Ten is lauded globally for his commanding festival anthems. His sensational track 'Rail Breaker' has gained millions of streams and catapulted Riot Ten into the dubstep hall of fame. 

Feral sees Riot Ten venture into newfound production techniques, while maintaining his signature gritty bass stabs that have captured DJs and dubstep fans around the world. 

Feral also features an incredible halftime drop that will literally shake a festival - perfect for an Excision Detox Set.

The song showcases Riot Ten’s commitment to the exploration of bass - he is famous for creating innovative layers using the Decapitator plugin. 

Riot Ten shares that Feral came together rather unexpectedly. 

"Feral is exactly what it sounds like it would be. I was actually working on an intro for a festival that I had coming up and I just sort of got in a groove.”

It's truly amazing how the byproduct of creativity can lead to songs like Feral. Once he found the groove, the rest of the production came together naturally for the bass don.

“I really wanted it to have that high energy feel that the fans all expect from me and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. This one is going to live in my sets for a while!" Said Riot Ten.

Arriving just in time for festival season, Feral promises to become a must-have record for dubstep DJs in their sets. 

Feral is the first track to release from Riot Ten's new EP.

The bass mogul is continuously touring, including an upcoming Australia and New Zealand tour with stops in Melbourne, Auckland, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney. 

Riot Ten is also gearing up for major performances at Beyond Wonderland in Chicago on June 1st and Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando on June 8th where he'll play both a solo Riot Ten set and a Hype Or Die B2B2B2B.


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