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GAWM drops 'Insomnia' on Buygore’s Fresh Blood

Driven by a sleepless night, this track has us wide awake

From a chilling intro to the hypnotizing drop, GAWM's latest track called Insomnia has us wide awake. This heater serves as his Fresh Blood debut. With early support from scene leaders such as ATLiens, Dirty Audio, Pixel Terror, Matt Doe and Codd Dubz, we anticipate hearing Insomnia in countless sets this summer.

Cristian Aguilar, also known as GAWM, has been making a name for himself in the bass community, even more so as of late. He's known for tracks like his flip of the classic song Formula by RL Grime & Juelz, Mad About on Subsidia Records, Parasite on Dim Mak and Radiation on Underdog Records. More recently, came off a heavy remix the classic F.W.Y.S. by Calcium and Pi$ces.

GAWM's sound continues to push the industry forward with Insomnia. On our radar are a few of his upcoming show stops; we are looking forward to seeing this track played out at his Beta Nightclub Denver show on May 20.

GAWM's idea for Insomnia came from a sleepless night he said he couldn't fall asleep until he finished the track.

“My mind just works like that when I’m writing music," he said. "That it was also motivation for the track title. This song was the result of my insomnia.”

GAWM has come out swinging this year, with three tracks already under his belt. He shared some inspiration behind the motivational drive:

“Why should you continue to go after your goals? Because seeing the look on the peoples faces that said you couldn’t do it... will be priceless."

Now, that’s a mantra everyone should live by. We have our eye on GAWM this spring, and are looking forward to seeing what's up his sleeve as festivals begin to pop.

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