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Gem & Tauri provide exclusive interview, drop their latest 'Crownless EP'

The dynamic melodic house duo have dropped their newest tracks currently being enjoyed across all corners of the US.

Dubstep FBI's awareness spans across all subgenres of bass music, including the show-stopping ethereal sounds of melodic bass. Ophelia Records and their artists continue to be on our radar as well as their meteoric rise of popularity across our community. In just five years, Ophelia has become one of the hottest labels in electronic music thanks to its tight-knit community and ability to connect fans of melodic bass, dubstep and beyond.

Currently on the road for Seven Lions' Beyond the Veil album tour, Gem & Tauri have continuously grown their brand and presence as artists. Having multiple collaborations in the past that have been released on Ophelia, the duo seem to only raise the bar exponentially with every release following another. With both melodic house and techno songs on the Crownless EP, the story of these two artists and their diversity is well-composed and on full display for all to enjoy.

- Gem & Tauri performing at LA Historic State Park


Prior to their performance for Seven Lions' Beyond the Veil album tour at LA's Historic State Park in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, we had a chance to sit down and chat with the leading ladies themselves for an exclusive interview.

How do you (Courtney) balance the two very different lives of a career in real estate and that of a touring musician?

I just recently left being a realtor actually and have dove into the cretive realm full-time. And after ten years in that career with it being all I really knew, it felt like the right thing to do because music makes me happy and i'm okay to not have all the material things I want for a bit in order to be genuinely happier and to grow as a musician.

I think that this answer really hit me on a deeper level because this is what music is truly about. In my honest opinion, it's not about the money and materialistic things that can come with being a big name touring artist. When you have artists like Gem & Tauri who do it for the art, culture and for the continuous self-improvement as artists it truly makes you respect them even more than what you already had.

Here's what the duo also had to say when we asked how everything has culminated from being two fans of EDM having fun as DJs to producing monstrous house tracks and releasing on such a well-known label:

This new song we put out 'Waking Up' and our whole EP means so much to both of us because its the most production I (Courtney) have ever put into a song and its the most songwriting that Emma has put into a song.

Good things don't just happen to those who sit and wait for them to come your way, they come to those who put in the time and effort to make waves through perseverance and dedication. With Gem & Tauri's insight and production skills on full display, I can honestly say that the 'Crownless EP' highlights the fact that these two amazing ladies have set ablaze the paths for other aspiring women in the industry to forever stay true to themselves and opportunities will surely present themselves. The Filthy Beat Inspectors can't wait to see what the future holds for Gem & Tauri.

Be sure to catch Gem & Tauri on the remaining tour stops for Seven Lions' Beyond the Veil album tour at a venue near you. Buy your tickets here and let us know what you think of the latest Crownless EP!


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