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Goldrush: Neon Dreams returned to AZ with a bang (or should we say thunderclap)

Even after slight weather delays, performances by Excision, Lucii, Space Laces and Ghengar created a gold standard of memories.

We were able to attend Saturday and Sunday of Goldrush: Neon Dreams in early October and despite small weather delays, the fest was a blast!

Relentless Beats and Goldrush were quick to release statements regarding the weather delay on socials and the festival app so attendees were up to date.

Luckily, during the hour-long rain delay, we were inside interviewing one of our favorite female artists Lucii – peep our interview here.

Right after our interview with Lucii, we were given the all clear and rushed downstairs to ride the rail for a few Bonnie x Clyde songs before the masses flooded the mainstage as gates re-opened.

Relentless Beats always sets up so many dope vendors and activities so we took some time to walk around, meet the vendors, hit the roller disco before heading over to Joyryde. There were so many amazing local vendors and rave brands set up.

Joyryde surprised us with a Ghostryder set toward the end of his time on stage, which had fans going wild.

Of course, we used our FBI minds to guess that was coming with Ghastly set to play the next day! Toward the end of Joyryde, we sprinted across the Raceway to get ready for Lucii, and we weren’t surprised when the stage was already packed and waiting.

This absolute queen rocked the stage and more than once we heard people talking about how that was already their favorite set of the night. Even with some audio issues, Lucii blew everyone away with her angelic voice and bad bitch performance. The night ended with Herobust who never fails to leave us with some neck pain for the next day.

Photo Creds: @jaronq_ via Goldrush Twitter

The weather held out for Day 3 of Goldrush. We gave the art car (SoundCabin stage) some love on Sunday to listen to some local artists get the vibes rolling, then headed into Coyote Cove to break our necks with LOUIEJAYXX.

They dropped some of the filthiest drops we heard all weekend and had nearly half the crowd going crazy in the moshpits.

Our most anticipated set of day 3 was Space Laces, the OG dubgod.

He stole the show with a ton of throwbacks, some DnB and even some HOUSE? What can’t this man do?

Necks were broken, bodies were already sore, so thankfully our next set was Boogie T and we got to vibe out with some wubz from the swamp man. Our last set of the night was Ghastly who decided to tear up the main stage with a surprise 15 minute Ghengar set.

Photo creds: @speyerphoto via Goldrush Twitter

We had the best time covering 2 days of Goldrush at its new location (PHX Raceway), and can’t wait to rage with our AZ fam again soon!

This fest definitely reminded some of us old folk that we need 3-5 business days to recover from all the bass and headbanging. Shout out to the Relentless Beats team for having us!


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