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Guppi shows off unique style with debut EP on Cyclops Recordings

Label proves why its army-like following is pioneering a new sound of dubstep

Adam Tyazine, AKA Guppi, is the newest fish in the bass music sea as his debut EP Ocean Floor was just released on the man Subtronics' label, Cyclops Recordings. This release further aligns the label with a unique subset of bass music that has been carved deeper by innovative producers like Guppi, who present an unfiltered take on what we currently know as "riddim."

With releases like Want It Remix, Boy and Real Life, Guppi has made a big splash over the past six months, and we predict he will continue to garner support from some of the biggest names in dubstep as the year plays out. This release breaks him into the scene in a huge way with an unfamiliar production style and abstract tone.

Cyclops Recordings emerged in December 2020 out of a cryptic e-mail campaign that was well teased out on Twitter. The label came out swinging by dropping a set of three forward-thinking compilations: High Knees Headquarters, Psychedelic Division and Heavy Artillery featuring names like Jiqui, Syzy and Al Ross, to name a few.

The Ocean Floor EP, featuring all solo Guppi tracks, captures the evolution of modern riddim and showcases noises we have honestly never heard before. We are curious to see how these tracks will play out on the PK Sound speakers once shows come back, because it may leave the unfamiliar dance music listener bewildered.

Guppi had been in touch with the Cyclops Recordings team since September, long before the label's announcement. He and Jesse Kardon (Subtronics) first connected via a live feedback stream, and Guppi said what still stands out is the genuine interest in his track that was showed by Jesse that day.

"What inspires my sound design is knowing that my goal is to make something people have never heard before," Guppi said. "It’s a good motivator for sure.”

While Guppi has been into electronic dance music for nearly 10 years now, he always knew he wanted to go down the production road, mentioning Mr. Carmak, Yung Gud and, of course Excision, as his inspirations.

This debut EP from Guppi further proves that he should absolutely be on your watch list for this year. We are looking forward to consuming his unmatched abstract sounds while his identity as the new fish in the sea carries his name far in 2021.

Listen to the “Ocean Floor“ EP on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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