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High Zombie's multi-genre 'Wasteland' EP is a dynamic 5-track selection

With an apocalyptic vibe, there's even a little dnb to tickle our fancy.

High Zombie is known for his compelling production abilities, with tracks blending the spectrum of trap to wave to dubstep and more. This time, he's dropped a five-track EP that solidifies his place in the rising dance music scene, showcasing only a sliver of what he can do.

Out on Rude Service Records, the Wasteland EP includes trap-style influences, hints of hip-hop and modern dubstep. His collaboration, Rave Slam, with label founder Bear Grillz has been rising in the Beatport charts and stands alongside four other High Zombie solo tunes.


"I was writing like three or four songs at a time," High Zombie said.

Notably, Wasteland features an unexpected dnb second drop, and is a unique spin for familiar lovers of the drum n bass sound.

"it just seemed fitting to have an 8-bar switch at the end of that song," he said. "I had been listening to a lot of dnb for a minute. At the time, I was trying to go with more crunchy tonalities and a different style so I finessed it into the song. I didn't know if it was going to work or not but it came out really nice."

High Zombie's ability to produce multiple different styles of EDM pairs well with his talents working with collaborators. Wasteland slices through the gauntlet of bass music like a surgical knife, revealing why he has the longevity that is often rare in this scene.

"The coverage art is apocalyptic, end of the world, the after fall," High Zombie said. "It speaks on the direction of music I'm trying to make, which is futuristic, dark and ominous."

But the EP isn't all - High Zombie is dropping a track on the Welcome Records Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 3 later this week, as well as headlining a show with BAINBRIDGE at Denver's Larimer Lounge on November 18.

High Zombie continues to impress. He's been hinting at a massive career announcement so we will be staying locked on socials for more as he shows no signs of slowing down.

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