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Night Vol. 5 bursts onto the scene with tracks from Vastive & High Zombie, RAZR, Layz & Badfella

Nearly one year after the birth of Subsida, they're back again with the fifth heavy-hitting Night comp.

Featuring 33 artists, Night Vol. 5 just gave us a taste of bangers as we count down the days until reuniting at Lost Lands again.

Known for releasing a plethora of tracks from diverse lineups of artists, Subsidia Records' Night Vol. 5 is no exception. With a multitude of heavy hitting tracks, including Backlash from High Zombie and Vastive, Money Runner by Layz and Badfella, and K.O. by RAZR, our speakers are on repeat digesting all this heat.

Badfella is the only artist who has not previously released tunes on Subsidia, but he does so surrounded by veterans of the label. Additional artists on the compilation include Perry Wayne, Jessica Audiffred, Faytal and more.

Backlash: A staple in Excision's latest sets

High Zombie and Vastive’s highly coveted track, Backlash, represents a rush of pure adrenaline and chaotic freedom. Backlash channels their high-energy styles and intertwines intense vocals with fast-paced drops.

The track has been rinsed multiple times by many artists, most notably Excision, and both High Zombie and Vastive were confident in the fact that had created a banger.

”High Zombie and I were both on the same wavelength when we talked about how we wanted to approach this idea and immediately recognized our chemistry," Vastive said.

On this same vein, High Zombie heard Vastive's original idea and thought, "this would sound way sick and epic with machine gun stabs and more heavy reese bass; we added a rave intro and we had a masterpiece."

Layzfella runs up the bands

Layz is no stranger to Subsidia Records, and brings Badfella with for this scorcher. Based in Germany, this is Badfella's first Subsidia release, and it packs a punch. With an intense rap intro, leading straight into a bouncy drop, Money Runner captivates and cause some high knees to be thrown.

"I have always loved Badfella’s work and when he came to me with the initial idea, I knew it would turn into something really sick," Layz said. "The rapping in the intro felt like it would fit great with a bouncy dubstep-esque drop, so we went with that style."

They finished the track within a week, and turned it over to Subsidia for a home.

Razr comes out swinging with a full K.O.

In his third Night compilation in a row, Razr is back again with K.O. As a rostered Later Tonight artist, Razr is growing quickly and has no intention of stopping now. With his two main styles being dubstep and trap, K.O. is a gloriously fierce mesh of both.

“When I started this track, I wanted to aim for a trap vibe, mixed with some heavy dubstep elements to showcase both sides of my music,” Razr said.

It has been nearly a year since Subsidia first launched, and despite having come so far in that time, their future has no limits that we can see. Dubstep FBI will continue to be on the lookout to see what happens next with Subsidia, as these compilations show no sign of stopping.

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