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Sweet Teeth blends EDM and pop with 'No Future' EP

The four-track EP breaks into new genres previously untouched by Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth has continued to grind throughout the pandemic and it shows. His latest masterpiece, the No Future EP on Rude Service Records, is a step in a new direction. While elements of trap and dubstep remain, the EP as a whole has more pop and punk vibes than any of his other music currently released.

With three releases on Subsidia Records under his belt, as well as his debut EP Rage released on GRVDNCR, Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey-based artist Erich Hoffman, otherwise known as Sweet Teeth, is no stranger to dubstep. He also has collabs with artists such as Brondo and Shizz Lo, and a recent hit, WTF released on Rude Service Records.

Don't Let Go, featuring Better Unsaid, is wonderfully rocktronic

"Don’t Let Go is a nostalgic love letter to that idyllic time full of Warp Tours, mosh pits and chain wallets,” said Sweet Teeth.

It was first released as a teaser single, and brings the listener in with its catchy lyrics and background instrumentals. These seamlessly build until the drop where one can hear the artistry behind Sweet Teeth's sound design and his ability to transition from pop punk to drumstep. One can hear the angst and rage throughout the tune, as it shines through in both the vocals and the entire song. When describing the track, Sweet Teeth detailed that ""Don't Let Go" is a nostalgic love letter to that idyllic time full of Warp Tours, mosh pits, and chain wallets."

Fusing EDM, hip hop and twerk through Wavy featuring Clonethekid

As the second track on the EP, Wavy features steel drums and a heavy 808 that provides backing to Clonethekid's rapping. There is a crazy synth lead drop that makes one want to move, dance, get wild and have fun.

Hyperpop and heavy trap with Noose Ends

The third track on the EP, Noose Ends featuring ANGE7, begins with a melodic eurodance hook that drops into ANGE7's vocals. These vocals are backed by thick sub bass melded together with a hip hop drum beat. This tune combines hyperpop and heavy trap in a satisfying fashion, inspiring one to embrace being weird and letting oneself rave. With only one drop, the tune succinctly delivers its message and is short and sweet.

An emotional conclusion with Never End

The final track on the EP, Never End featuring g the shep, is the most emotional song on the EP. G the shep's emo rap verse engages the listener and makes one think of relationships in one's past. After a punk rock inspired buildup, the tension is released with a melodic trap drop driven by a guitar solo, and is guaranteed to have everyone listening raging and crybanging.

Sweet Teeth continues to impress us as he releases music and grows as an artist. His tracks are unique and exciting, leaving us wanting more from the talented artist.

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