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Sweet Teeth blends EDM and pop with 'No Future' EP

The four-track EP breaks into new genres previously untouched by Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth has continued to grind throughout the pandemic and it shows. His latest masterpiece, the No Future EP on Rude Service Records, is a step in a new direction. While elements of trap and dubstep remain, the EP as a whole has more pop and punk vibes than any of his other music currently released.

With three releases on Subsidia Records under his belt, as well as his debut EP Rage released on GRVDNCR, Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey-based artist Erich Hoffman, otherwise known as Sweet Teeth, is no stranger to dubstep. He also has collabs with artists such as Brondo and Shizz Lo, and a recent hit, WTF released on Rude Service Records.