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Ophelia Records releases much-hyped acoustic remix for Shadows

As one of the hardest hitting songs released this year, Shadows continues to push boundaries with the latest acoustic edit for melodic dubstep lovers worldwide.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

Being a pioneer for the melodic scene that seems to have taken the world by storm as of late, Seven Lions has never seemed shy to push boundaries and transcend his work into art that this world has yet to experience. From winning the remix contest for Above & Beyond's track 'You Got to Go', to his very first EP 'Polarize' followed by 'Days to Come', producer Jeff Montalvo continues to surprise us with his pieces of work that continue to get better and better with each following release.

"Putting sheer technical production prowess to work in soulful, deep, hybridized creations all distinctly

his own, the multi-talented musician is single-handedly changing the sonic landscape for future generations to come by bridging the gap between the soaring, ethereal vibe of trance and intensely adrenalizing bass music."

"Wooli is constantly pushing the boundaries of music by

combining his unique melodic sounds to the grimy undertones of dubstep and riddim".

The contribution of his own unique sound that Wooli has put in for the bass music scene continues to provide some of the hardest hitting tracks to date, such has his collaboration with Seven Lions and Trivecta, as well another collaboration with Seven Lions and Excision. Hailing from the East Coast, be on the lookout for future shows near you where Wooli is sure to incite chaos in the pit.

Tying together the heavenly sounds of Seven Lions and the bone-shattering bass of Wooli, Amidy provides the soothing vocals that couldn't be more fitting for an emotional track coming from Ophelia. Having collaborated with huge names such as Haliene, Au5, William Black and Trivecta, Amidy is very quickly making a name for himself as one of the premier voices in electronic dance music today. With past performances at iconic west coast venues like the Belasco Theater and Avalon Hollywood, one can only expect to see Amidy on some of the country's biggest venues and tours in the very near future.


When the original version of Shadows came out, it was an unknown track that graced the attendees of Wooli's headline drive-in rave located in Southern California. With the orchestra-like build followed by the heavy bass drops, it truly took everyone on a euphoric trip. With each synth and , avid listeners and those who maybe hadn't heard of Wooli before were equally awestruck. Starting with a more soft melodic tone, the track furiously progresses to a heavy and hectic middle drop.

Fast forward to now, and the Ophelia family releases an acoustic version with emotional connections that doesn't seem too far off from the original. Acoustic versions to not just melodic tracks but ragers alike lately seem to be garnering almost as much attention as the tracks from which they originated. Whether the original be fast-paced or an in-your-face attention grabber, if the listener can draw any form of emotion from the original then the acoustic version may seemingly provide the same types of emotions. With the Shadows acoustic edit, more of the same heartfelt memories are brought to the surface. I know for a fact that when I or any other festivalgoer gets the chance to hear this version live for the first time that Seven Lions, Wooli and Amidy will cause copious amounts of tears to be shed.


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