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It's a Sable Valley Summer! (Vol. 4)

Always has been, but now it's certified.

Taking the heat of the summer to another level, RL Grime and the Sable Valley crew just released the 4th annual Sable Valley Summer Compilation.

With the first releasing back in summer of 2020, these compilations have become a gold mine of tracks by both rising and all-star producers in the trap scene and beyond. This year is no different- Sable Valley Summer Vol. 4 is packed cover to cover with highly anticipated and flaming hot IDs from artists all over the world. I've opened an investigation to highlight a few of them that you won't want to miss...

Lizdek and Ivoryghost both make their second appearance on Sable Valley with Aker. British Columbia based producer Lizdek released Just A Dream (a collaboration with SADRN) back in 2021 on Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2. Ivoryghost, based in the Netherlands, was on the third compilation just last year with his song Ether.

Aker has been in high demand since RL Grime played it out last October at his iconic Halloween XI show in LA. Its badass basslines make for one of those songs that when you listen, it honestly just makes you feel really fucking cool.

"We made Aker in one day, around a month after Ivoryghost and I first spoke," Lizdek shared. "We've spent longer waiting for it to drop by tenfold. Not to mention it found it's way to the king himself (RL Grime)."

Lizdek (left): @lizdekmusic, Ivoryghost (right): @ivoryghost

GASLEAK is another ID we've been dying for since RL Grime played it out at Halloween XI. Calgary based producer Cerdin and New York based producer Squired teamed up on this one, and we're so stoked it's finally here. This song simultaneously has some old school trap/hip hop elements as well as a this unique, trippy, futuristic vibe to it. It kind of feels like if you were cruising with your homies through some fairyland you dreamed of.

"GASLEAK started as two separate ideas," Cerdin said. "Squired and I were on Facetime and I played this ID with the vocal chops and atonal foundation of the drop. When Squired played this melodic rap beat with strong percussions and groove, we realized the ideas were super compatible. The final song is this marriage of our two ideas flowing and blending so naturally."

Cerdin (left): @cerdinsound, Squired (right): @squiredmusic

Venice, Italy based producer msft delivers his first release on Sable Valley with his song cantgetu. He put the trap bangers on hold with this bouncy breakbeat tune. The first half of this song has a more buoyant energy to it, while the second half feels like it cuts a little deeper with its angelic undertones.

"I knew most songs on the compilation would go hard, so I did the opposite," msft explained. "I sent over a vibey breakbeat track. I'm so glad Sable digs it."

With super fresh percussions, its catchy lead vocal "I can't get you off of my mind," and its melodic, uplifting energy, cantgetu brings that enticing summer ecstasy to the compilation.

msft: @msftgram

VARI, based in Tulsa Oklahoma, also makes his Sable Valley debut with Infared. With sounds like sirens and hints of intimidation, this track starts off with a menacing intro. The energy builds and builds until the commanding vocal "LISTEN", preparing you for a power-packed drop. This track is a killer mix of both heavy trap and acid elements, showcasing VARI's avant-garde style.

"Infared was actually an old unfinished project I reopened on a whim," VARI said. "It became one of the most high energy tracks I've made. Putting it out on Sable Valley was a perfect fit."

Releasing on Sable Valley has become a goal for more and more producers. They have built themselves into one of the most desirable labels in the game by being selective and putting out top tier, forward pushing music. Even if you don't typically listen to compilations from start to finish, I urge you to do so in this case.

Every artist on this compilation cannot be slept on, as they are all proper representations of the future of these genres. Check out each of their Soundcloud pages below, and turn your summer up with Sable Valley Summer Vol. 4, out now on all platforms!


EDM News Reporter, Kelly Jardine, can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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