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Jason Ross, Trivecta team up for latest Ophelia release 'From Ashes to Love'

This release from the two Ophelia Records all-stars drops ahead of Seven Lions' Beyond the Veil tour, which kicks off April 1 in Tacoma.

With numerous eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

Dubstep FBI's awareness spans across all subgenres of bass music, including the show-stopping ethereal sounds of melodic bass. Ophelia Records and their artists continue to be on our radar as well as their meteoric rise of popularity across our community.

Jason Ross and Trivecta's latest release 'From Ashes to Love' with RBBTS sets the tone for future releases and raises any bars of expectation previously set. Released on February 10, this melodic banger has been conducting an excessive use of our replay buttons.

As this track begins, the vocals of RBBTS immediately grasp your attention. Not only do these artists take the listener on a spiritual journey directed by the three very distinct drops, the lyrics speak on feelings of falling apart after losing the person who will always seem like the one that got away.

"From Ashes To Love" is the debut collaboration between melodic bass frontrunners Jason Ross and Trivecta. German and Danish vocalist duo RBBTS brings a dance pop and rock sensibility with their songwriting while the production explodes into soaring, anthemic choruses and a show-stopping bass heavy second drop.

The duality of vocals from this song amplifies the feeling of losing someone central to your way of life, followed by the journey that lies ahead paved by the steps necessary for internal growth and the preservation of sanity.

The first and third drops with echoing back vocals set a foundation for something that checks every box for a bonafide Ophelia track. With the order of drops and the emotional rollercoaster they take us on, this track has drawn similarities to that of Another Me by Seven Lions, Excision and Wooli.


Melodic events will be plenty with the Beyond The Veil (The Journey III) tour, kicking off April 1, 2023.

As 2023 continues to provide the scene with nothing but absolute bangers and sell-out shows, melodic bass music fanatics will surely be on the lookout for the next event to satiate their appetite. If only there were a tour soon to kick off at one of the largest venues in California...

Well, that's exactly what melodic listeners have received this year as the Beyond The Veil kicks off at the Tacoma Dome, followed by dozens of North American tour dates. (TICKETS ON SALE NOW)

Seven Lions is bringing this album tour to the Los Angeles Historic State Park on Saturday April 8, which is one event that our investigators are keen on. With Jason Ross as one of the supporting acts as well as Gem & Tauri and Bexxie, it's a good thing that this is an outdoor venue because the roof would surely be blown off by the pure energy alone.

Our agents are already gearing up for this show and can't wait to provide you with an in-depth review of what's in store.

Providing a beautiful backdrop of the towering heights of Los Angeles combined with the majestic open scenery of the park itself, this is going to be the perfect spot to catch 'From Ashes to Love' in a live setting and an unforgettable experience fans will not want to miss. To catch Seven Lions and supporting acts at the LA Historic State Park on April 8th, secure your tickets here.

We will be dialed in to future Seven Lions announcements, and will surely be investigating at least a few other stops on this one-of-a-kind album tour.


We are ALWAYS listening...

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