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Kannibals at the Beach Vol. 2: Where summer vibes and bass drops collide!

Get ready to unleash your inner headbanger as the label fuels the summer energy with beats that won't let you stand still.

The scene just got hotter as Kannibalen Records, the renowned Montreal label, resurrects its epic Summer compilation series after a decade-long hiatus.

Following their Christmas compilation triumph in 2022, the label is back with a bang, dropping 'Kannibals at the Beach Vol. 2' – a 13-track firestorm that promises to ignite your summer playlist.

Kannibalen Records is pulling out all the stops with Kannibals at the Beach Vol. 2, their biggest compilation ever. This fat feast serves up heavy bass hits from the globe's most promising producers spanning dubstep, electro, future bass, and drum & bass.

Rival & Whales kickstart the madness with 'Odd One Out,' a hybrid gem that's all style and all substance.

But the headbanging doesn't stop there. INHUMAN, PIERCE, MashBit, WODD, and more, each bring their signature summer anthems to the table, making sure your beach days are filled with heavy-hitting beats.

"When Evaluation and I created 'ILLA', it marked one of the most seamless collaborative processes in my career so far," said PIERCE. "We wrapped up this track in approximately 4 hours, and the entire session was filled with nothing but positive vibes and a whirlwind of creative energy. Rest assured, this won’t be the last collaboration you’ll hear from us."

This compilation isn't just a reunion; it's an introduction to a new era. Kannibals at the Beach Vol. 2 introduces fresh faces like ANTIHERO, No Etiquette, Mylky, and BERNZIKIAL, each bringing their unique flair to the mix.

The result? A fusion of established greatness and daring innovation that'll make your head spin.

"This song is a really good representation of who I am as an artist and where the future of ANTIHERO is headed," said ANTIHERO. "It's one of my favorites I've made to date. I hope you all love it as much as I do."

With Kannibals at the Beach Vol. 2, Kannibalen Records has proven once again that they're the maestros of bass and summer vibes. Whether you're lounging by the shore or hitting the festival scene, this compilation is your soundtrack.

So grab your shades, feel the sand beneath your feet, and get ready to headbang your way through the rest of the summer with beats that won't quit.


Dubstep FBI Co-Founder & VP Yesi (aka YESENDIT) can be found on Instagram


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