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Kayzo, GHØSTKID set the tone for 2022 with 'The Sickness'

The music video reveals a deeper meaning of fighting inner demons through scenes paying homage to The Shining.

At the start of every new year, there's always that excitement of where the next 12 months of music will go. There will be new artists making a statement, emerging labels and unforgettable performances The sky is the limit.

But today, the tone for the rest of the year was set.

Kayzo is back for the first time since July 2021, returning with the debut song off his upcoming junior album The Sickness with GHØSTKID.

This track has had us singing along, rocking out and raging Even more so at shows. Kayzo played this song during the ball drop at his Decadence Denver set, a special moment for everybody who was there. It was a moment that adds even deeper feelings to the song than it already does for a lot of people.

We caught up with Kayzo to chat about the story he and GHØSTKID are telling it's a familiar one for a lot of us.

“The meaning of the song always made me think of the movie, The Shining," he said. "The scene specifically when Jack Torrance has just axed down the door towards the end of the movie, for me, always encompassed how we sometimes have a hard time dealing with our inner demons and feelings. The grin on his face and his eyes always told that story."

The ability to have a song show the world's hard feelings to people who always fight inner demons is healing in a way. Those scenes in the movie are such a great way to capture something that a lot of us struggle on a daily basis.

The message of this song is something that isn't easy to let others know about. GHØSTKID does an exceptional job paying homage to that moment with his expressions and vocals.

Both artists jumped on insta live after the world premiere of the music video to chat about their creative inspiration behind the song, the music video, and what all the song means to them.

Kayzo said it was the most fun he has had with doing a music video. Doing it all in one day. An 18 hour day.

“The team they had put together for this video was amazing, they’ve been so well organized. We felt so comfortable. They did an outstanding job," said GHØSTKID.

“I like that people are connecting with the song and using it for motivation for whatever issues they are dealing with right now.”

This video was also the director debut for BRXVN, someone we've seen working with Kayzo for years who.

“My favorite thing to do now is write music videos,” Kayzo said.

Hayden also talked to us about the creative inspiration for this album.

“When touring was gone early on in the pandemic, I was able to write and think of my work in a different way without having to have it ready for a festival or show,” Kayzo said.

He found new ways to start songs and finish them. “I’ve gone back hundreds of times fine tuning things I never really have had the time to do in the past.”

Kayzo said that these songs on this album are “my favorite songs I have ever made.”

As someone who has been a fan of him for several years, I am dialed in to the roll out for this album to see how his creativity as an artist evolves. It's going to be life changing. I can feel it.

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