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Kill The Noise & Feed Me reunite for new collab, ‘Mirage’

The track is the second release off Kill The Noise’s upcoming album, ‘HOLLOW WORLD’

Kill the Noise and Feed Me have just released their first collaboration in five years, ‘Mirage.' Featuring a gritty, warehouse-type beat, the song seamlessly blends singer-songwriter Tasha Baxter’s haunting polyphonic vocals.

The lyrics express a core theme of emptiness and disillusionment in the age of mass digital consumption which is perfectly complemented by the track's dystopian production style.

Releasing on Seven Lions' label, Ophelia Records, the song is a follow up to Kill the Noise’s last release, ‘Ultraviolent’ with Shadow Cliq. This isn’t the first time Kill the Noise and Feed Me have teamed up to concoct a truly unforgettable track; hence their first collaboration, ‘I Do Coke,’ released on Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint eight years ago.

Despite an exceptionally busy schedule over the last year, Kill The Noise has yet to slow down. Having made his triumphant return with the release of ‘Embrace,’ his first album in seven years, he accompanied the record with 27-stop tour spanning coast to coast in 2022.

The next chance we'll get to catch another one of his legendary sets will be at Bass Canyon and Lost Lands this August and September, respectively.

British-born producer, Feed Me, has been making moves over the last year as well. Having released tracks such as ‘Feeling So Free’ and ‘Ghost Synths,' Feed Me’s signature house beat and accompanying synths continue to elude obsolescence. Most recently, Feed Me’s remix of Transient’s ‘Higher Than The Sky’ was featured on Nightmode’s anniversary release, further positioning him as a key player in the industry.

'Mirage' is available for streaming on all platforms!


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