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Lizdek & Bendel band together on their new single 'Away To You'

Another power duo back in action.

Lizdek and Bendel have teamed up once again to bring us their dynamic new single titled Away To You.

Away To You is an emotional, powerful wave track that transports you to another place. With its enchanting vocals and what can only be described as enormous sound and energy, this song will completely take over your mind and body from the first listen.

British Columbia based producer Lizdek and Chicago based producer Bendel have released a few tracks together before, but this is their first collaboration in a while. In 2020, the two released an EP with FETH titled Gradience. After that, they began to focus more on their individual careers.

"I've been close with Bendel for a long time," Lizdek said. "In 2020, we stopped finishing projects together in an attempt to chase our solo endeavors, so we came together in late 2022 with a better mindset and fresh ears."

It's clear these two have an inevitable draw to each other when it comes to making music. After spending time to themselves to grow their individual sounds, Lizdek and Bendel came back together stronger than ever.

"I’ve evolved through many different styles as a musician over the years, as has Lizdek, yet every time we collaborate, it’s as effortless an experience as the last," Bendel said. "With this being our first collab since 2020, that trend continued, resulting in one of my personal favorite songs we've done.”

Lizdek and Bendel have demanded our full attention with this one. Away To You reflects their strengths as separate producers, as well as just how flawlessly they work together as a team.

We're stoked to see these two continue to grow as individual musicians, and we can only hope to see more collaborations between them in the future. They are already powerhouses on their own, and together they've proven to be unstoppable.

Stream Away To You now on all platforms.


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