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LOUIEJAYXX seals our fate with 'Endgame' EP on Subsidia

The LOUIEJAYXX boys are back, and they have come for our necks with six tracks hitting harder than a Mack Truck.

LOUIEJAYXX have done it again. With their first EP since Termination in 2019, they have set the bar astronomically high with Endgame, a multi-faceted Subsidia Records EP that breaks new ground for both melodic and heavy dubstep.

Featuring five solo LOUIEJAYXX tracks and the elusive Blurrd Vzn collab, Hit Em, headbangers have been waiting patiently for these to drop.

After performing sets at Lost Lands, Paradise Blue and across the country, LOUIEJAYXX have showcased their ability to not only produce, but showcase it live with incredible sets. With each new release LOUIEJAYXX continues to improve as their brand gains traction in the world of bass.

When questioned by Dubstep FBI, LOUIEJAYXX revealed to us the importance and vision behind the EP:

"There's a great amount of significance behind Endgame," LOUIEJAYXX said. "It wasn’t an easy task trying to gather what tracks were going to [choose]. The key here is to continue onward and that is precisely what we're doing, our vision has becomes more clear and we're happy to dedicate each second to individuals that help us: YOU!"

While LOUIEJAYXX continue to gain momentum with upcoming performances at both Bass Canyon and Lost Lands, they are paving their way to a successful career.


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