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Magic riddim: Enter the sounds of spellthief on FUCKSHIT Records

Emerging from the Denver underground scene is spellthief, making his debut on Bommer & HE$H's imprint with 'Neurons'.

There's not much more rewarding than seeing the underground succeed—That's exactly what this latest release from FUCKSHIT Records embodies.

spellthief is a riddim artist based in Denver, Colorado who is known for sharp chops and magical flows. We always see him out supporting the thriving underground bass music scene in the Mile High City. Now, we're here on official business to investigate spellthief's latest release called Neurons.

He recently popped off on a quickly rising YouTube channel and brand called Club Studio Time. It's a series that helps you discover your next favorite artist. He jumped on the decks for a guest mix session that piqued the interest of the riddim community on social media.

FUCKSHIT Records was founded by riddim lords Bommer and HE$H in 2019. Their last few releases have been with artists like Phys!xx, Redline District, Emorfik and more — all which encompass the "Burner Posse" vibe HE$H is known for.

This new "magic riddim" song rolls off the decks perfectly, and when we we listen to it, we're transported into a world of sorcery. Neurons features a mysterious introduction leading into metallic chops with a pre-drop vocal, "now here's my plan."

spellthief said he found inspiration in a tune of AKEOS'.

"Neurons actually started as a collab idea I wanted to pitch to Akeos, because their style is one of my favorites of all time," spellthief said. "Their song, DREAM_WAVE, is what I was going after, but mixed with my own style. I'm super happy with the direction my music is going, and I feel Neurons captures it perfectly"

Listening to this song on loud volumes has prompted further investigation into spellthief, as well as a round of high knees with the fam.

You can catch spellthief live at a few upcoming tour stops:

It's safe to say that Neurons satiates our thirst for the slinkiest riddim around. Stream it now on all platforms.


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