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Mazare, Josh Rubin's latest pop-punk, dancefloor banger, 'Stay,' just dropped on Lost in Dreams

Get your tissues ready & finger guns loaded -- you'll need them both for this one.

This release is Mazare's second on Lost in Dreams, and it is the lead single for his upcoming EP this spring.

We are introduced to the song with some heart-wrenching vocals from Josh Rubin, over the top of a plucked guitar line and keyboards in the intro.

Mazare put his stamp all over this one with yet another anthemic dancefloor banger, which has become a staple of his sound. In the first drop, we get a euphoric synth line over the top of some incredibly well-done drums.

However, we couldn't finish there. The second drop of the song goes into half-time before reverting back to the original drums and it was a great change of pace for the track.

Mazare said this song is just the beginning for him as he starts his adventure on Lost in Dreams.

“This song is the start of a new chapter for me," Mazare said. "I’ve experimented for years looking for the perfect balance between pop, rock and drum & bass, and this first single, and the whole EP, represent ‘square one’ of my melodic sound. Super excited for everyone to hear what I have in store and feeling grateful that all this new music found home at Lost In Dreams.”

Josh Rubin told us a little bit about what he was singing about on this new one and what inspired the lyrics.

“Every relationship has its hurdles and each of us have our downfalls, but this song is about looking past those things and instead, focusing on what’s really important," Josh Rubin said. "It’s easy for the bad memories to overshadow the good ones, but when you find someone you truly connect with, you hold on to that connection and fight for it. If you stay long enough, there's a dawn for every night."

We're ready to cry and throw our gun fingers up to this one and think you should join us.


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