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FBI WATCH LIST: Our top 10 must-see sets at Lost Lands 2023

The Dubstep Superbowl is upon us once again, and we are recommending a few sets that, in our opinions, cannot be missed.

mainstage lost lands 2022

Lost Lands is back for its 6th year with perhaps its most stacked lineup yet. With a wide array of genres and talent, Excison and his team didn't make it easy for attendees to decide who to see this year. We're here to give you some solid recommendations for sets you should definely catch.

If you planned ahead and will be arriving to Legend Valley earlier in the week, be sure to check out Xotix, YDG, and Sully on Wednesday, and Slang Dogs, Dr. Ushuu and Nitepunk on Thursday.

lost lands photo

For the festival's main days (Friday-Sunday) here are our top 10 selects:

1. Cyclops (Sunday @ Prehstoric Stage: 2PM)


After playing Subsidia Stage in 2022, Cyclops makes the leap to mainstage at Lost Lands this year- pretty impressive and very well deserved.

This quickly rising producer has been making his presence known in the bass music scene. He recently followed up the release of his Code Red EP with an insane remix for Riot Ten and his heavily demanded track Legalize Nuclear Bombs. He has also been touring with industry super stars like ATLiens and Kompany. Although his set is earlier in the day at 2PM, we urge you to make it a point to catch it. Heard from the Eggman himself, we can expect it to be his best set yet.

2. Boombox Cartel (Friday @ Wompy Woods: 12AM)

boombox cartel

Trap legend Boombox Cartel is taking over Wompy Woods on Friday. Word on the street is this man has been cooking.

On top of just releasing his latest track Hold Me, Boombox Cartel has been previewing new music and art on Instagram lately. His discography consists of nothing but bangers, so seeing that he has new music in the works is stirring up the excitement for his prime time set at Lost Lands this year.

3. Shanghai Doom (Saturday @ Subsidia Stage: 7PM)

Shanghai doom

The Shanghai Doom boys are back at the Subsidia Stage for a second time around this year. They blew us away with their 2022 set, and we expect to be rattled by their wonky sounds once again this time around.

Their most recent release, a remix of Shlump's and Xotix's track Loudboi, has the ground shaking energy that will have you practicing your bass face for this set.

4. Dimenson (Saturday @ Forest Stage: 10PM)


Drum and bass bros and baddies will not be missing this set. Dimension is set to turn it up at the Forest Stage on Saturday this year.

If you've ever caught one of his sets, just know that he never disappoints. Playing all the hits and always mixing in some surprises, Dimension is simply GOATed at what he does. I'd list of some of his best tracks, but it'd pretty much be his whole discography. If you're not familiar, get familiar!

Even if drum and bass isn't your niche, Dimension has something in his arsenal for everyone.

5. Effin (Sunday @ Subsidia Stage: 12AM)


After just dropping his debut album Cheap Thrills, Effin has been a hot topic of discussion lately. His new album is simply a work of art, and catching these tracks live at Lost Lands this year is a must.

6. Flux Pavilion (Friday @ Prehistoric Stage: 6:50PM)

flux pavilion

Long time legend Flux Pavilion is sure to bring an iconic performance during his mainstage set on Friday. He will always and forever be one of our favorites for reasons that don't need to be explained. His set this year is to take place at sunset, so the vibes will without a doubt be immaculate.

7. Moore Kismet (Sunday @ Wompy Woods: 4:30PM)

Moore kismet

Young bass prodigy Moore Kismet will be lighting up Wompy Woods on Sunday. They are such a unique talent, bringing unparalleled energy to their sets every single time. With massive releases, including an official Noisia and Skrillex remix, Moore Kismet is not an act to be underestimated. Catch their set to have your mind blown and probably be a bit humbled by the sheer talent and hard work of this 18 year old icon.

8. Jessica Audiffred B2B LAYZ (Friday @ Wompy Woods: 6:30PM)

LAYZ and Jessica Audiffred

These queens shook the bass world when they announced this b2b debut. Not only have both artists been on a relentless tear all year long, but they both have cult followings who we know will pack the stage out for them.

Props to Lost Lands for booking such a cool set, and empowering women to continue taking over the world.

9. Infekt (Sunday @ Prehistoric Stage: 3:45PM)

infekt at lost lands 2022

We really should not have to explain why you should be at the Infekt set, but we will anyway. It's because you will have major FOMO if you miss it.

Based on his legendary performance last year (hello 100 people on stage?), we expect that the entire Disciple family will show up to support him again this year. And who knows what kind of secret chops he will have in store. One thing is for sure, we are only allowing him three wheels until he gets a citation for unnecessary spin backs. Our agents are always listening.

10. Samplifire (Friday @ Subsidia Stage: 5PM)


It's hard to believe that this will be Samplifire's Lost Lands debut set. Not only is he coming in HOT off the Firestorm EP release on Disciple main label, but we know he's sitting on an arsenal of IDs that haven't been heard yet.

We are also expecting him to bring out some special guests (perhaps Automhate, perhaps Infekt... who else?) and we know the crowd will bring their A-game on day 1 to kick off the festival.


EDM Editor Kelly Jardine, can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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