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Omas, Adam Pearce create crooning, heartfelt ballad with 'Pieces' on Lowly

Dani King's vocals transform Pieces into a tranquil dubstep tune.

Picking up the pieces of life - that's the symbolism behind Omas' recent tune on Lowly. It relates to our everyday struggles in mental health, relationships and more.

Pieces was just released and is a collaboration between Omas, Adam Pearce and Dani King on vocals. This track is a step away from Omas' heavier styles, and instead creates an experience sticking lyrics on repeat in our minds.

Encompassing a tranquil mood, the bass is subtle in this track, while powering through the drop and breaking again for the chorus.

"As artists, we are constantly trying to "pick up the pieces" to combine old and new influences, which parallels the everyday battles of life; from relationships to mental struggles," Omas said.

Pieces showcases Omas's versatility in production, especially when one compares it with the tracks recently featured on Dubstep FBI: Royalty and Ultra Instinct with Felmax. Omas is certainly not a one trick pony. We understand why he was named one of YourEdm's Top 40 Artists to Watch for in 2021.

Omas explained that both he and Adam Pearce "are both generally melodic artists but wanted to incorporate elements of new age bass music and the old school feeling of 2010-2013 EDM."

"The finishing touch to the track was Dani King's amazing topline, which pulls the whole song together into a track that a wide audience can relate to."

Omas is no stranger to Dubstep FBI, with several of his recent tracks having been featured. The San Francisco-based artist has releases on Subsidia, Rude Service, and Crowsnest Audio. His tracks have gained the support of artists such as Bear Grillz, Excision, and Illenium, and if you pay attention you'll be sure to hear one of his tunes at any event you go to.

Omas continues to surprise us with each track he releases. Pieces can be streamed on all platforms as of Thursday, January 13, 2022.

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