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On a cinematic switch-up, OMAS releases 'Royalty' on Crowsnest

This track transports us into the room of a powerful monarch, with a vast chorus and trap-inspired bass.

Fresh off his Subsidia release Ultra Instinct with Felmax just two weeks ago, OMAS is back at it again with a bit of switch up from his usual ground-shaking tunes. Dropping on Crowsnest, Inhuman's label, this new track, Royalty, takes us on a sonic journey of deep bass and monarchal vocals.

Royalty immediately transports the listener to the throne room of a powerful monarch, with a vast chorus and trap-inspired bass. The tune exudes a sense of power and majesty, and one can visualize the daily proceedings of a powerful nation's headquarters.

Tracks as powerful as Royalty are not surprising to hear from OMAS, who was one of YourEDM's Top 40 Artists To Watch For in 2021.

After playing Lost Lands, releasing on Subsidia, Crowsnest and Rude Service this year alone, his list of accolades is ever-growing. Even more impressive, of his six tracks on Subsidia, many were added to Spotify Editorial playlists such as Bangers, Dubstep Don, Friday Cratediggers and Bass Arcade. He's also earned support from the likes of Excision, Bear Grillz and Tvboo, he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

"I wrote this song as if I was writing a score for an epic war scene in a movie that continuously builds into the climax of the scene where all hell breaks loose," OMAS said.

OMAS said he has always been influenced by cinematic scores and that he tries to portray that in his music, especially the heavier tunes. Royalty portrays the darker side of the OMAS project, and he expresses his gratitude towards Inhuman for being "one of the first bigger artists to support the OMAS project" and it being an "honor working with him on music and being a part of the Crowsnest family."

With what seems to be a release every month, OMAS is steadily becoming a household name in the EDM community. Royalty can be streamed on all platforms as of Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.

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