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Open Case File: How Chibs is taking America by storm

Ahead of his guest mix on Riot Control Radio's 100th episode, we're investigating Chibs and his far-reaching riddim brand.

It's 3:30 a.m. at Wompy Woods. You're deep in the pits, circling around the dirt ring. You hear the filthiest double of your life. Jaws are on the ground and people are screaming.

All is right in the world.

That was the scene during one of the biggest sets of Chibs' career. He drew an extensive, early-morning crowd, as far as the eye could see. That gargantuan set proved why his production, even after over a decade in the game, is still leading the industry.

That set is one of the reasons Chibs has been under intense FBI investigation since September 2023. And now, we have finally captured this elusive criminal, where he will be showcased as the 100th episode of our Riot Control Radio mix series on Friday, April 19.

Originally from Australia, Chibs had almost counted himself out.

He was working a supermarket job before he made it big in music. And although he's been producing since 2012, getting to the point of that hallmark career set at Lost Lands set hasn't been easy.

He's a self-taught producer who started in a similar way as many of us: By using the internet.

"All I had were YouTube tutorials, but it took me like two years to know how to use Abelton," Chibs said. He was grinding for nearly a decade until the seeds started sprouting here in the States.

He said he is super grateful that his current manager, Dom, hit him up and helped to navigate the U.S. visa process. He also shouts out Infekt and Marauda for placing him on support slots here in America.

Now, he's making the most out of his three-year visa. We asked if he had ever envisioned himself playing the world's biggest festival stages, and what some of his biggest dubstep dreams have been.

"If you would have asked me that before I came to America, it would have been to come to America," Chibs said. "Dream compete. Now, it's to expand on this brand. I didn't see a timeline where I wouldn't be doing this kind of shit."

One thing's for sure: The man has been grinding since he's arrived.

Forbidden Kingdom was his debut festival set in America, and since then, he's completed "The Arrival Tour," a 24-stop North American headline run, left crowds decimated at Lost Lands and Summoning Festival, and performed countless mouthwatering b2bs with artists like Leotrix, Versa, Executioner and YAKZ.

And while Chibs credits the smart people behind him, we know it's his sheer talent and perseverance that are allowing him live out his wildest dreams.

Festival season is on the horizon for Chibs

If we could book Chibs in the slammer for one thing, it would be his festival sets. Not only was his Lost Lands performance deemed highly illegal, but his Summoning Festival sets have been living rent free in our heads since October.

Now, fans can expect even bigger festival sets coming up at Paradise Blue, Forbidden Kingdom and many more global dubstep carnivals that have yet to be announced. He'll also be playing states like Massachusetts, California, Michigan and Florida this spring.

But it's his music that keeps the ball rolling.

With over five EPs on esteemed labels like Disciple Round Table, he also has some fat collabs including our favorite anthem: Wrong House with Samplifire. Chibs' classics include unforgettable tunes like Crust and Jelly, Portals and Nang Gang.

Even after closely examining his Aussie past and attending a handful of his sets, there's one behind-the-scenes question we still have: How did he come up with the name, "Chibs?"

"I was just sitting there one time, eating a bag of chips," he said. "And this dude was like, 'Chibs!' and it just stuck."

The moniker story is as simple as that. But what's not simple is the man's rise to the top of riddim, and the way he captivates crowds through his memorable music. He's left fans in America wanting more.

Stay locked for an exclusive Chibs 100th episode guest mix, dropping Friday on Riot Control Radio.


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