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Phocust breathes new life into his Circus Records EP with 'Pneuma: Reborn'

With remixes from ESAI, Killin' Void, Everen Maxwell, The Living Proof & DirtySnatcha, a VIP of Burdens and a new track, 'Pneuma: Reborn' is a breath of fresh air.

Chock full of five remixes, a VIP and a new track titled Addicted, Phocust has come back to Circus Records with his own version of a stacked remix EP.

These remixes bring something new to the mix, adding in each artist's signature style and sound. The VIP and new track are a cherry on top of what is already a sweet treat of an EP.

When investigating Phocust's remix EP, he was able to fill us in on the process behind gathering the remixes and producing his own tracks. He told us abut the inspiration behind which artists he chose, and why he loves remix packs so much.

"I wrote Addicted as a follow up song to Digital Love back in 2021. I really loved the way it complimented the vision and sound of the first EP, so I thought why not find a way to compliment each song in a unique way that my listeners would enjoy," Phocust said. "I've always loved doing remix packs and getting other artists involved with my music. So I reached out to some very talented friends of mine for remixes to ensure this EP was packed with some heat."

Phocust said that these remixes have taken his whole Pneuma project to another level, bringing it to life. That experience captures the "Reborn" titling of the remix pack.

Pneuma: Reborn - FULL TRACKLIST

Phocust - Addicted

Phocust & Ipsiom - Vessel (ESAI Remix)

Phocust & Ipsiom - Vessel (Killin' Void Remix)

Phocust - The Other Side feat. joegarratt (Everen Maxwell Remix)

Phocust - Digital Love (The Living Proof Remix)

Phocust - Digital Love (DirtySnatcha Remix)

Phocust - Burdens VIP

"I knew for my song Burdens, I had to give the topline the proper drum & bass treatment, so I decided to dive into my roots a little bit and make a VIP of it," Phocust said. "Hope it stands out in a special way on the EP and hopefully makes each listener like drum & bass even just a little bit more."

With Pneuma: Reborn, Phocust has once again created a beautiful soundscape for listeners to enjoy. This diversified lineup certainly hits the spot.


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