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Powerhouse duo Perry Wayne, FutureExit cause uprising on Gud Vibrations

Dubstep dons Perry Wayne and FutureExit get the job done with their first-ever official collaboration, Problem.

Breaking news: Dallas’s very own dubstep talent Perry Wayne and rising Canadian producer FutureExit are causing ruckus on the streets of our community.

Returning for another undefeated title, Perry Wayne makes his reign for his eighth official release on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations with Problem.

According to FutureExit, Problem has been a staple track in the mosh pits, rearranging the crowd into utter chaos. After teasing it, Perry Wayne and FutureExit are thrilled to finally share this ungodly track with everyone.

With this pairing’s doing, no one is safe.

Perry Wayne and FutureExit utilize their abilities, rendering elements of metal and hip-hop with an intertwine of filth — this calls for a dubstep fiasco.

This track kicks in with an automated, pre-drop sample “all systems active,” shortly accompanied with sizzling drops and heavy switchbacks.

The duo paints a scene of an industrial takeover with piercing basses, metallic clashes and shrieking vocals. In a matter of two minutes, Perry Wayne and FutureExit do everything it takes to destroy what is known to mankind.

FutureExit said he and Perry met a little over a year ago through mutual friends and had been talking about doing a song together for a while.

“When Perry made his headline debut in Montreal, I was his direct support for the show," FutureExit said. "This gave us the perfect opportunity to get working on the collab so we could premiere it at the show. Since then, the song has been a staple in our sets, and always gets the crowd moving. I’m so stoked that this one is finally coming out."

Perry Wayne is on a roll with Gud Vibrations from his most recent release Code back in October, receiving recognition from Dubstep Unk, EKM, The Music Essentials, Find Your Sounds, Canadian Ravers and Vents Magazine.

On top of this, he’s coming off hot from his latest mix ‘The Requiem Vol. II' exclusively on SoundCloud. For the rest of this year, you can find him tonight at Dubstep FBI’s home base Mission Ballroom Denver with Bear Grillz along with a B3B with Chassi and FREAKY at Skyway Theatre Minneapolis supporting Adventure Club.

On the other hand, Canadian creative FutureExit is on the come up from recent collaborations with Focuss, Stoned Level, DVEIGHT and others. In addition to playing Escapade Music Festival, he’s been found on stages with Barely Alive, Marauda, Samplifire, and Calcium. FutureExit is geared to be the visionary of the next Dubstep generation.

Listen to Problem out now only on Gud Vibrations.


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