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Chassi drops his knockout EP, 'Colosseum'

The EP contains some of the most mosh-pit worthy tracks we’ve seen yet 

Deemed the next chapter for the LA-based producer, Chassi, ‘Colosseum’ represents yet another notch in the artist’s belt of hard-hitting releases. Featuring five songs including a collaboration with VLCN,  the EP channels the unmistakable ferocity Chassi is known for. 

The EP makes a formidable opening with tracks like Warrior’s Kingdom and Colosseum, showcasing the savagery of his production style. The EP proceeds to pack in the punches with following tracks like 1 AM in Los Angeles (Interlude), Final Battle and TIME’S UP. Each track contains new levels of intensity while instigating utter mayhem with each drop. 

When asked what this next chapter means for Chassi, the artist tells us:

"This next chapter defines a lot. It’s the time where the warrior knows where he needs to get to & needs to fight for his life to get to the promised land. Growing up, I’ve been through a lot & had to fight for my life as a warrior would. The colosseum represents my new home & that I’m ready to take over the world & any challenge that comes through, that the warrior will be ready to go & nothing will stop him."

With support from industry behemoths like Excision, Subtronics, DIESEL aka SHAQ, Wooli and many others, Chassi has made a name for himself in the dubstep genre. The artist has also graced some of the most sought after stages in dance music, including that of Lost Lands, Decadence, Academy LA and many others.

For those hoping to witness the madness live, Chassi is set to make his rounds on VAMPA’s Bad Bodies tour next month, hitting cities like Denver, San Francisco and Huntington Beach. 


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