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PREMIERE: tsimba gets weird & wubby with remix of Shanghai Doom's 'Platinum Artists'

Alongside remixes by Slang Dogs, Super Future, Toadface & Aylen, tsimba has engineered a uniquely nasty take on the original song.

While paying homage to the original Platinum Artists song by Shanghai Doom, tsimba has created a remix that opens up listeners' ears to his own signature sound.

tsimba's remix shines brightly alongside the original, with a deep wubby sound guaranteed to get you grooving along to it on the dance floor.

Shanghai Doom has been on fire lately, gaining popularity around the industry. In 2022 alone, they have released seven songs including last month's Ripper with Mr. Carmack which already has 61,000 plays on Spotify.

“After seeing some success with the original, we thought it would be fun to get some of the homies to flip the track," Shanghai Doom said. "Each of them brought their own unique spin and really killed it. We were blown away by all the remixes. Really stoked to put these out!"

When asked about his remix of Platinum Artists tsimba told us

“I was super stoked when Shanghai reached out to me to remix Platinum Artists. It’s easily my favorite song of theirs and it was really fun to put my own twist on it.”

Both tsimba and Shanghai Doom are envelope pushing musicians, constantly experimenting with new sounds and creating a unique listening experience for their fans. This remix EP is only the most recent of ways each artist is changing the game with each track they create.

tsimba's remix of Platinum Artists is one of five remixes that Shanghai Doom is releasing. All of the remixes will be available for streaming on all platforms September 20.


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