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PREMIERE ALERT: 2DY4, LAZRUS deliver devastating collab, 'Ex Machina'

Their heavy hitter combination Ex Machina delivers massive bass and earthquakes to an area near you.

Photos shot by: Kitsunekreation & _Kdfoto

2DY4 and LAZRUS have united as one, creating a massive sound with their unique styles. This new one enforces the crowd to go nuts, resulting in broken the rails and broken necks.

Behind this creative process, Ex Machina was influenced by the film itself. 2DY4 mentioned that this movie is one her favorites of all time since she loves movies and cinema.

Once she managed to find the vocal samples used within this song. She knew the vibe automatically of how this song would turn out, mashed with the style that LAZRUS incorporated.

Considering both artists' creativity within music, they incorporate gritty, stompy and heavy bass. While observing this masterpiece of a song, the beginning starts off with a nice nostalgic, yet futuristic, sound that progresses into buildup of a nasty drop.

Photo shot by: Hxphy

Once both suspects were apprehended, they were brought to the interrogation room. They were then questioned in regards of how they met and decided to collaborate with each other. 2DY4 stated:

"We met through the internet, I think it was Instagram, tbh, just from having mutuals and we wanted to collab after sending each other IDs to play out at shows, when we realized we had similar sounds that would work well together in a track," 2DY4 said.

Photo shot by: _Kdfoto

LAZRUS said that he randomly found 2DY4 on instagram and thought that her heavy music was intriguing.

"I DM’d her saying I love the stuff and we should work on something," LAZRUS said. "2DY4 was down and we started cooking something up. A little later, I was at a day club in Vegas watching Dr. Fresch play and she was also there! So we met up in person and talked about the collab and other goals in person!"

In addition, while still having them detained under our custody, I took the time to question them if they have a dream collab in the future. 2DY4 said that her dream collabs include LAYZ, FelMax, LOUIEJAYXX, Chassi and Excision.

While LAZRUS on the other hand said that collaborating Sullivan King would be a dream.

With this track being released, both artists wants to continue providing the best music to their audience.

Upon my investigation, I would like to inform you all that they are highly recommended to check out. At this time, their massive and grimy collaboration has been brought to our attention.

We will continue to monitor the two suspect and conduct our investigations.

Ex Machina can be streamed on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music on Friday, July 28.

To further your investigation into 2DY4 and LAZRUS. You can follow their Instagram through the hyperlink. You can also check their Soundcloud and Spotify below;


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