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PREMIERE ALERT: Blurrd Vzn gears up for Wubaholics EP release with 'Gutter'

The Blurry Boys are back with a nasty 140 heater.

The Blurrd Vzn boys are once again the subject of an intense FBI investigation, and for very good reason.

Ahead of the release of the duo's new four-track EP on Wubaholics, we've been tasked with premiering the EP's title track, Gutter.

Gutter is a perfect exemplification of the dark, gritty sound the San Diego-based duo has worked tirelessly for years to hone into something fresh and distinctive. The intro has an ominous air about it that carries over into a positively evil drop laden with cutting basslines and unique sound effects.

Photo courtesy of Blurrd Vzn

The track's second drop is much deeper and focuses on the lower frequencies shown in the first drop.

Overall, Gutter is an indication of the continuous evolution of Blurrd Vzn's signature sound.

The San Diego-based duo is just getting warmed up with this tune, as they've got three more heaters coming down the pipe tomorrow. Arrests will have to be made for failure to stream this one.

Gutter will be available to stream in full on all platforms November 22.


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