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PREMIERE: Blosso flexes his melodic muscles with Nytrix on 'Higher Than Heaven'

Get a first listen to the second single off Blosso's forthcoming album on Welcome Records, where he channels a previously unheard side of his musical journey.

Showcasing his versatility, Blosso creates a romantic, yet energetic, landscape with vocalist Nytrix on Higher Than Heaven, the second single off his upcoming album on Welcome Records.

With an intro that leaves listeners floating on air, Higher Than Heaven delves into a slightly heavier drop while staying true to the melodic genre.

Based in Seoul, Korean bass music producer Blosso has been on a roll with releases on Welcome Records, Disciple, Ophelia Records and more. Just this year, he released his collab with YDG Falling For You as well as his collab with Kayzo Crown of Thorns featuring BVLVNCE which dropped on Kayzo's "New Breed" album.

"Higher Than Heaven is a melodic dubstep track with a neo-trance sound. A track can portray many different emotions and feelings, and the neo-trance sound helped bring out the sensation I was aiming for," Blosso said. "Nytrix’s voice matches the track perfectly. After we completed this track, I was able to determine the overall vibe of my upcoming album."

Electronic vocalist Nytrix also has a massive catalogue ranging from melodic dubstep to electro house. Nytrix has toured internationally and released tracks on labels such as Dim Mak, Monstercat and Proximity.

Higher Than Heaven is only the second single off Blosso's forthcoming album, which is proving to be a major game changer in the bass music scene.

Higher Than Heaven will be available for streaming on all platforms September 16th:


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