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PREMIERE: Hi I'm Ghost and Wyd! drop slang-inspired banger, 'Sheesh'

Get an early listen to the most exclusive dubstep premiere so far in 2022.

"Sheesh a word used when coming in contact with something so amazing it knocks ye f*cking socks off." - Urban Dictionary 2022

Yeah, you could say the new Hi I'm Ghost x Wyd! track has knocked our f*cking socks off.

In true FBI fashion, we are bringing you an exclusive premiere of the new collab named after our favorite catchphrase as of late: Sheesh.

And sheesh, this one is a heavy hitter. The self-released tune will drop everywhere this Wednesday, January 12, but you can check out the full track over on the Dubstep FBI YouTube channel.

PRE-SAVE Sheesh:

Eerie vibes and headbanging flashbacks kick off the tune that's been used as an opening song several times in Hi I'm Ghost sets. "Sheesh" has been a slang word thrown around lately in the Interwebs, finding its way into memes and even to the dinner table.

The word "sheesh" can be traced back to 1955. It was originally used to express annoyance or surprise. The word has evolved, finding its way back into popular culture as of late. Our generation tends to use it to express positive surprises, which fits the tone of this track perfectly.

Hi I'm Ghost and Wyd! have been friends for a while now, with Sheesh marking the artists' second published collaboration.

“I was with Hi I’m Ghost at Lost Lands this year and being able to watch them play it out there was insane,” Wyd! said. "The crowd was hella into it and I even verbally screamed SHEESHHH!”

Hi I'm Ghost said that every time they've played this track, the crowds have been going wild.

“We’ve been opening our sets with this song for the past 6 months," said Hi I'm Ghost.

Nathan and Tiago had very high praise for Wyd!, saying, “Wyd! is a super close friend to us, every time we get a chance to work together, we pop out a nutty tune.”

Hi I'm Ghost is a duo consisting of Nathan and Tiago who have risen to dubstep fame as of late. They are known for the mega-bass anthem, Death Rail (which is nearly at 4M streams on Spotify), and other tracks like Spooky Riddim.

Wyd! is a rising dubstep producer who's identity is centered around an artificial intelligence encouraging good times. Besides his previous release Lmao Stompy with Hi I'm Ghost on Disciple Round Table back in 2019, Wyd! is known for his track, Ride N' Die!, on Wyddim! Records.

There's something about talented bass music producers that keeps us coming back for more. Hi I'm Ghost's rise to fame has been impressive, as we continue to admire their humbleness and willingness to elevate some of the scene's rising talent such as Wyd!.


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