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Premiere: INHUMAN, Wasiu drop highly anticipated collab 'NEW_WORLD'

Our trap arms are out in full force for this ground-shaking collab.

The second single of INHUMAN's debut album Arrival, NEW_WORLD is out tomorrow on all platforms— and we have it a day early.

INHUMAN and Wasiu are both established legends of the bass music world. INHUMAN was formerly Code: Pandorum is a pioneer of heavy dubstep.

Wasiu is best known for his work with trap legend Apashe, most notably on Majesty which sits at over 61 million streams on Spotify.

NEW_WORLD is a unique take on multiple genres and INHUMAN described it as "a never before heard take on Rap, Bass Music and Dancefloor inspired sounds."

Don't take our word for it, though. Listen for yourself.


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