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PREMIERE: Listen to Dr. Ushuu's 'Quantum Medicine' off his upcoming Disciple RT EP

Tomorrow, Dr. Ushuu is going to take us all to space. But today, he told us the story behind his 6-track 'PewPewRiddim' EP that drops everywhere at midnight.

Dr. Ushuu is one of the producers that you see release pretty frequently, but it is not every week that you would see him releasing nearly an entire EP of heavy riddim (or trench, if that's your thing).

Dr. Ushuu told us that he had a great time making the PewPewRiddim EP. For example, the title track was made in two hours — he said it was all about having fun time with the creative process and not taking things too seriously.

PewPewRiddim EP tracklist:

  1. Rougel

  2. Clubber Ray Beam

  3. PewPewRiddim

  4. Ushutron (with Cybertr0n)

  5. Quantum Medicine

  6. Without U

He also told us that he was inspired to make a riddim-heavy sound for this EP during COVID when he played a private show at a castle in France while lockdowns were sweeping the globe.

There are some "Easter Eggs" throughout the EP that refer to his overall discography, so keep your ears peeled as you listen through.

The entire PewPewRiddim EP is a departure from Dr. Ushuu's multigenre discography, but a welcome one in this case.

He had a great time making it, and you can hear that in the tracks. Each track on the EP, especially Quantum Medicine are very high energy and bouncy, with the exception of the final track.

Disciple Round Table continues to be the premiere dubstep, riddim and trench label in the game. They have used their platform to elevate even the most beginner producers, while still maintaining the executive quality we've come to know and love.

We can't wait for you to hear the rest of the EP at midnight. Pre-save it now via Disciple Round Table.


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