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PREMIERE: Stryer, Typhon's 'Goodbye Paradise' begins a dystopian journey on Rude Service

Get an exclusive first-listen to the latest song by two producers who have made an incredibly strong start to 2023.

We put both Stryer and Typhon on our watchlist for 2023, and this collab goes to show just why. The duo described the feeling of the track as "dystopian" and "like a journey."

Over the course of this three-minute-28-second track, we are grasped with a melodic intro and build-up into a ridiculously heavy first drop. This collab on Rude Service has everything a listener could ask.

The second drop features Stryer's signature melodic stamp, fitting into the crybanger anthem we all crave so much.

Stryer said he wrote the original song in September and had an interesting story as to how the collab came about.

"It originally started when I was housesitting for a friend of mine in LA," Stryer said. "I was getting ready to leave that paradise with palm trees and head back to Denver. I love Denver and it's awesome, but California is paradise. I wrote a super early demo and Tony [Typhon] and I had talked about collabing for a few months, waiting for the right WIP, and of course he added his own touches and made it absolutely nuts and disgusting, so here we are."

Typhon said that he loved the direction of the WIP and had wanted to release a melodic track for a while.

"He killed it man, honestly," Typhon said. "He took it in an awesome direction and I had been wanting to do a melodic track for a long time. Earlier in my project I did a few, but nothing like this, and Michael [Stryer] has been killing it so I felt like it was a good time to do that... [but] it was missing a vocal. He reached out to Dani King and she sent us that one-liner that ended up working perfectly."

Stryer has an EP dropping this spring and a few collabs with some new genre directions, while Typhon has some long-awaited collabs with Adventure Club and Nitti Gritti possibly dropping in 2023 as well.

Clearly, it'll be a big year for both of these two. We think you should investigate further.


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