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Dubstep FBI's 2023 Watch List: Artist predictions for a massive year

Our agents have selected 30 artists whose trajectory points to success in the new year.

With every year that goes by, we discover crates of new music. And along with that, comes thousands of talented artists who bring us new sounds, unique remixes and a never-ending blend of genres.

The DUBSTEP FBI agents have selected their top 30 artists to watch in 2023. From dubstep to drum 'n bass to hard dance, these are artists whose music gets us through the highs and the lows.

This list is built around artists who not only produce great music, but also have a strong social media presence, have played shows and have an engaged community of fans.

Some artists began their projects in 2022, while others have been grinding for years.

These were those who stood out to us — we think you should investigate them, too.


365 days from now, we will be looking at these artists and saying, "Man, they had a great year." So give them a follow on Spotify, Instagram or Twitter to show support!


Dubstep news reporters Dustin Fletcher can be found on Twitter.

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