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Rave hard, rave often: We pick RAVERUNNER as the top festival hydration pack

From anti-theft pockets to a tactical chest pack, RAVERUNNER has our favorite festival item.

From raving to hiking, the Dubstep FBI execs are always head-banging about. You can catch us on the side of a mountain doing high knees, or breaking rails at Wompy Woods. In any instance, we've always got something to carry our goods - that's where the RAVERUNNER anti theft hydration pack comes in.

During 2020, when the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had nothing to do but make internet friends. Ryan Lange, founder of GEN Z, reached out to Yesi online and we became instant friends.

We snagged a few of his RAVERUNNER hydration backpacks and tried them out for the first time hiking the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Not only did we find that these packs could fit a full camelback of water, but they carried our jackets, phones, snacks and more. Flash forward to 2021 when festivals returned, we brought our packs to Lost Lands.

For many reasons, these packs made the festival experience even better. The anti-theft pockets kept our wallets safe, while special pockets on the shoulder straps held our phones for easy access when we needed to quickly grab phones and record filthy drops.

We even brought the RAVERUNNER X/RIG Chest Pack to EDC Las Vegas last month and were able to run from stage to stage with our goods mounted right in front: No theft, no hassle.

We support this brand for many reasons and recommend it as the top rave hydration pack for your next festival. Not only is the founder a true leader - he runs ultramarathons and cooks like a hibachi chef - but his values are also in the right place.

Whether you're raving or adventuring outdoors, check out the full suite of RAVERUNNER anti-theft hydration pack products for your next show or hiking experience.

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